EMRT(Electromagnetic Regeneration Therapy)


EMRT is a distinctive style of electromagnetic therapy in medical care for healing broken structures like bone discs, bones, cartilage, the attachment points of tendons, ligament structures and the articular capsule within all joints. it's additionally been established within the treatment of degenerative joint disease, pathology, stress fractures and also the mal-union of broken bones.

It is Associate in Nursing innovative technological advanced type of medical aid that uses a noninvasive medical device to treat inflammatory disease, pathology, accident, work, sports, and repetitive stress injuries. What makes this medical aid distinctive is that it merges ancient and non-traditional medical aid. whereas the medical aid harnesses the body's own ability to heal itself (a non-traditional approach), the technology has more experienced scientifically rigorous clinical trials with successes and patient advantages.

Unlike ancient magnetic field medical care, with EMRT, the magnetic flux solely is the “carrier” for the electrically periodic signals. The magnetic flux permits these signals to penetrate the injury unchanged. while not the magnetic flux, the rhythmic signals would be distorted by the variable density of the encompassing tissue


EMRT is unique in that it mimics the body's natural signal, activating the natural healing process and stimulates the expansion and repair of the broken tissue. Over time, the joints of the human structure/body become stressed by the continual support of the weight, muscle and tendon strength. The cartilage tissue reacts with a purposeful adaptation.

Research has shown that once the stress is placed on a joint, a low power electrical signal is created. This natural signal tells the body to repair broken or worn tissues and to take care of the health and correct functioning of the joint. Sometimes, this signal is disturbed as a result of aging, injury or unwellness. once this happens, the body is unable to repair the harm itself. This ends up in pain, inflammation, and loss of correct perform within the joint leading to the unwellness and symptoms. Electrical currents are liable for the perform of the cartilage cells and also the regeneration of the bone tissue. However, in unhealthy cartilage tissue, a traditional flow of those electrical currents is severely affected.